Choosing the Right Ladder For the Job

There is a vast array of different types of ladders on the market and it can be often confusing when it comes to buying a ladder to find the exact one that suits your requirements. Although the myriad of names and terms given to some best ladders, they pretty much fall into three categories:

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* The platform or step ladder

* Extension ladder

* Suspended ladder

Each type is best suited to a particular purpose and to decide which one you need to assess what you require it for.

A platform or more commonly called a stepladder offers a stable working platform for placing tools and materials on. They also fold and open up like scissors which means they can be easily stowed away in the back of a van of under a staircase.

They are very sturdy and are useful for working at low height such as indoor decorating where access to ceilings is required.

Extension ladders are more useful for working at greater heights. They generally comprise of two or three separate ladders that are joined mutually and can slide apart and extend. Extensions need a wall or outside to prop them up. They also need to be rested against a surface at an appropriate angle and can slip if they are too vertical or too horizontal. These are responsible for more serious injury than other types of the ladder.

Suspended ladders such as rope and roof ladders are used when there is no surface or floor to rest another type of ladder on. Ropes are often used to lower from height such as off helicopters and have the advantage of being able to be folded up.

Roof ladders are apt to be made from aluminum and have a hooking structure to suspend from a roof. They are often used on sloping surfaces as a vertical surface would require permanent attachment to the floor and/or roof.

Another consideration when it comes to buying a ladder is always to make sure it is long enough for the height you will be working. Overreaching on one is a common cause of falls and it is better to buy a ladder rather than make do with an insufficient one.

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