Selling Houses Fast: Basics of Design & Color Psychology

Fixing up home to ready them for sale consists of a design plan for needed changes. Make more money from your home sale by choosing design details that catch the attention of buyers in your price range.

Design Psychology helps you net more money, faster, in today’s competitive real estate market. Your buyers won’t even realize that you’re using Design Psychology, but they’ll want to buy your home, even if it costs more than similar houses.

Whether your target market is first-timers, move-uppers, empty nesters, or mover-downers, keep their needs and desires in mind when developing your sales and transformation plans, always keeping your bottom line in mind.

Budget Concerns

Weigh the cost of an upgrade against its ultimate benefit, and only spend money on those changes that improve your profit margin. Of all upgrades for selling houses, fresh paint is the best investment, dollar for dollar. New kitchen appliances, upgraded bathroom features, and updated lighting fixtures also provide a good return on your money, as a general rule.

Also consider the cost benefits of doing the work yourself vs. hiring professionals. The time saved and superior quality of workmanship often makes hiring pros a better option than doing repairs yourself.

Color Psychology for the Exterior

Choosing the right colors for your home’s exterior makes a huge difference in your paycheck at closing. Look at the other homes near yours and choose complementary colors. It’s worthwhile to use three, or even four, colors, to add visual interest or to emphasize interesting design details. Limiting your exterior colors to just two lessens the overall effect and may slow the process of selling your home.

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If your goal is to attract up-scale, wealthy, or highly-educated buyers, you’ll want to use muted, complex colors on the exterior of your home, while less-wealthy and less-educated buyers normally prefer simpler colors.

Color Psychology for the Interior

Don’t be afraid to use color, rather than painting all your walls white. Most people actually look more attractive when surrounded by color, and colored walls make people feel happier, so if you want to make your buyers happy (and to choose your home as a result), use color on your interior walls.

Bring into play various shades of your exterior colors inside. This design detail makes your home feel harmonious, and you’ll receive an added bonus: if your buyers like the exterior colors, they’re also going to be happy with your choice for the interior.

Spending time targeting your market and then using the subtle techniques of Design Psychology will help sell your home more quickly, and for more money than your competition.

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House Selling Tip

If I had to pick the #1 home-selling tip, it would have to be this one. This may seem like odd advice, but the number #1 house selling secret is really taken from how professional, large scale home builders prepare new homes for sale.

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If there is a new home track near you, stop by for a quick look. It doesn’t matter what kind of track it is, big homes, small homes, or condos. What you will find are some wonderfully (but sparsely) furnished homes that anyone could live in — with the emphasis on “anyone.” The homes are anonymous. There might be a baseball glove in the “boy’s” room, but no family photos on the walls. What you will find is a “personality” that fits the home builder’s target buyer – but you will not find a person.

You might say that home builders can do no more than to dress up the house a bit to fill empty space, but you would be missing what builders and real estate professionals have known for years.

The reason you want to make your home “anonymous” is that you want buyers to view it as their own home. When a potential homebuyer sees your family photos hanging on the wall, it puts your own brand on the home and momentarily distracts their need to “try on” your house to see if it fits.

So here is the advice. You’re moving out anyway, so put away family photos, sports trophies, collectible items, knick-knacks, and souvenirs. Put them in a box. Rent a storage area for a few months and put the box in the storage unit.

Do not just put the box in the attic, garage, or closet. Part of preparing a house for sale is to remove “clutter,” and that is the next step in preparing your house for sale.

Not all We Buy Houses companies are created equal. With these tips, you can choose the right one for your needs and can avoid many traps other home sellers have experienced.

How to Choose Between Different Smoke Detectors

I believe that every home or building should be required to have working smoke detectors on every floor. It’s one of those great inventions that have saved a lot of lives and properties from the verge of potential disaster and damage. They are so inexpensive that surely they are worth it for the lives that they have saved.

For them to work, they may require either a 9-volt battery, lithium battery, or the traditional 120-volt mains wiring. Some mains operated smoke alarms have batteries as back up just in case the power fails. The two main kinds are ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors. Some conscientious homeowners use a combination of both types with a heat detector or stand-alone units to warn against fire.

Smoke detectors

The two parts of an ionization detector are the ionization chamber and a source for ionizing radiation. The alarm will sound off when the smoke enters the ionization chamber. The smoke particles attach to the ions and neutralize it so that it does not reach the plate which results in a drop in current that will trigger the alarm off.

The more expensive type of best smoke detector is photoelectric detectors. With these, the alarm will be triggered if the smoke blocks the light beam. The mere reduction of light that reaches the photocell will sound off the alarm. This type of alarm best responds to smoldering fires. Some would say that this is a better system as they don’t have to turn it off as often.

They are less sensitive than ionization detectors which can sound off even with a little smoke from cooking which results in some ionization owners turning off the alarm. The danger of it then is if they forgot to turn it back on after cooking if that happens your home and family will not be protected at all.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the ionization detector is cheaper than photoelectric detectors but the photoelectric is much better when it comes to the sensitivity of setting off the alarm. Whichever type of smoke detector that you choose, you need to make sure that the unit you will be buying or installing is a certified UL smoke detector. The UL Mark on a product is internationally recognized as being checked for safety and has followed up evaluations.

Smoke alarms that respond quickly to flaming fires with smaller combustion particles are known as ionization detectors. This type is less expensive as compared to the photoelectric detectors. The good thing about using this type of detector is that you will know when to change the battery because it gives you a fair warning. What it does is it triggers the alarm sounds if the battery starts to fail in an ionization detector because the ion current falls.

Choosing the Right Ladder For the Job

There is a vast array of different types of ladders on the market and it can be often confusing when it comes to buying a ladder to find the exact one that suits your requirements. Although the myriad of names and terms given to some best ladders, they pretty much fall into three categories:

2 x Lego System Leiter weiss 14x2,5 Feuerwehr Set 7208 7239 6340 ...

* The platform or step ladder

* Extension ladder

* Suspended ladder

Each type is best suited to a particular purpose and to decide which one you need to assess what you require it for.

A platform or more commonly called a stepladder offers a stable working platform for placing tools and materials on. They also fold and open up like scissors which means they can be easily stowed away in the back of a van of under a staircase.

They are very sturdy and are useful for working at low height such as indoor decorating where access to ceilings is required.

Extension ladders are more useful for working at greater heights. They generally comprise of two or three separate ladders that are joined mutually and can slide apart and extend. Extensions need a wall or outside to prop them up. They also need to be rested against a surface at an appropriate angle and can slip if they are too vertical or too horizontal. These are responsible for more serious injury than other types of the ladder.

Suspended ladders such as rope and roof ladders are used when there is no surface or floor to rest another type of ladder on. Ropes are often used to lower from height such as off helicopters and have the advantage of being able to be folded up.

Roof ladders are apt to be made from aluminum and have a hooking structure to suspend from a roof. They are often used on sloping surfaces as a vertical surface would require permanent attachment to the floor and/or roof.

Another consideration when it comes to buying a ladder is always to make sure it is long enough for the height you will be working. Overreaching on one is a common cause of falls and it is better to buy a ladder rather than make do with an insufficient one.

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