The Painting Tools You Need To Make Your Job Easier

When you need or want to paint either the interior or exterior of your house, you need to have the right tools. If you want to finish the project correctly, you need more than just a brush and some paint. I am a firm believer in having the right tools for the job. I have started quite a few projects and not had the right tools. These projects took me twice as long and did not come out looking as good as they could have. What about the right tools?

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The Basics:

Brushes: Brushes come in many different designs and sizes. The cheapest brushes are pieces of foam on a wooden dowel. These may be great for the hobbyist to paint a bird feeder, but if you are looking for a nice finish, stay away from these. The cheaper standard nylon bristle brushes can be okay, but I suggest spending a little more and getting a brush where the bristles are finer and you end up with a very smooth finish.
Rollers: Rollers like brushes come in different styles. Basically, rollers have different types of nap. Each roller is designed for a certain type of wall (smooth, rough) and paint (stain, latex). Read the package to get the correct one for your needs.

Roller Tray: Get this if you are going to be using a roller. I recommend the plastic liners for easy cleanup.
Paint Sprayer: Do you have a large area to cover? You might consider a paint sprayer. These come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can even rent one from your local hardware store. This would save some expenses from going out and buying the entire kit. Also, the products available for rent will be more for commercial use, so the likely hood of problems with a “cheap” model is reduced.
Preparation: I can’t tell you how beneficial it is to prepare all surfaces that are to be painted. You will save a lot of time if you perform this first step.

Tape: The tape I like to use is a “painters” tape. This tape will peel off easily without taking any paint off of your surface. This is great stuff. Put it on window and door trims, molding and anywhere else you don’t want paint.
Sandpaper: Sand down any rough spots on the wall before starting to paint. Remember to wear a respirator or at least a dust mask when sanding.
Spackle: Fill in any holes with spackle. Let it dry, sand it and then fill in more. Repeat as necessary in order to create a smooth wall.
Spackle Knife: Necessary for the above step. I prefer a 2″ wide model. If you have larger holes or need a really smooth surface at the start, a wider knife may be necessary.
Drop Cloth: Paint spill, need I say more?
Ladder: Size and type are determined by the height of the wall to be painted. I like a lightweight aluminum 6 foot for most of my paint projects.

Primer: This is necessary if you have a new sheetrock wall or have a wall with a dark paint color that you are going to paint a lighter color. Several companies have developed a “primer and paint” combination. They have gotten rave reviews. And it will save you a step.
Latex: This is the de-facto best paint for my use. It has an easy cleanup and very little odor.
Oil: Not very common today and if you use this, you need either mineral spirits or paint thinner to clean the brushes.
Stain: Really used on decks and fences and moldings you want to accent.
With a little planning and some preparation, your painting project should go along very smoothly. So, go out there and paint like Picasso! Just don’t cut off your ear.

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